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  • Developing and Administering Qualification Assessments

  • Privatized Plan Review for AHJ's

  • Review of Technical, Engineering, and Life Safety Reports

  • Technical Code Seminars for The Design and Review Community

In addition to delivering standardized national exams, we can develop jurisdiction specific exams.  We can include local amendments and locally hot items.  If you have a specific assessment need, we may be accommodate it. 

Our assessments offer many advantages including:

  • Can be taken within days of scheduling, not months

  • No detailed applications to complete or delay processing

  • No reference forms required to delay processing

  • Testing available 6 days a week including evenings, and only limited by site scheduling

  • Hundreds of test locations - generally at least one within one-hours drive of 85% of the population

  • On-line payment and scheduling is available 24 hours a day

  • On-line 24/7 schedule changes (up to three days before the test)

  • You know your score at the end of the assessment

  • Qualifications are based on what you know, not how long you have done it or where you learned it - Do you know it?

  • High quality PVC (credit card style) ID cards with photo, and certificates upon successful completion

  • Assessments are proctored by professionally trained staff

  • Assessments are recorded for security and integrity of tests

  • State issued photo ID is required to take assessments and individuals picture is taken for documentation purposes

  • Questions are developed, and reviewed by professionals in the field of fire protection with experience in plan review, installation, inspections, and code enforcement.  Oversight of registered fire protection engineers.  Technical advisers actively involved in trade associations and NFPA code development.

  • Can include local amendments and the needs of local requirements

  • Compare our costs to the competition

An example of current and/or assessments under development include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire Alarm Competent On-Site Person
  • Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person (commercial and residential assessments available)
  • Fire Extinguisher Servicing
  • Underground Private Fire Mains
  • Fire Alarm Designer / Responsible Managing Party
  • Sprinkler Designer / Responsible Managing Party
  • Commercial Hoods (kitchens)
  • Combination Domestic Service and Residential Sprinkler Systems
  • Inspection and servicing of fire hydrants and private fire mains

Many of the codes already require qualified contractors, detailed drawings, and technical reports for unique designs.  CSA assists the jurisdiction in enforcing their adopted codes.




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