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The following information will help prepare an individual for a test.  Please share this information with the participants taking the test.  This is important information which may help them pass the test the first time.


Questions About Getting CSA Certified:  Are you new to CSA Assessments?  This brochure along with our web site should answer all your questions.  Please review for very valuable information.  [To print as tri-fold brochure with a duplex printer you may want to rotate the second page 180 degrees within Acrobat before printing.  Printer settings will vary].

Time for Exams - Note that time slots at the test centers are usually blocked out in hourly intervals. The test center may also add 30 minutes to allow for signing in and processing.  Therefore, the time indicated on your confirmation notice does NOT represent the amount of time you will have for your assessment.  Example:  The test center will block out a 2.5 hour slot for a test that only gives you 1.5 hours.  See the study guides for your assessment for specific time allowed on each exam.

PASSING SCORE: Unless indicated otherwise, all CSA assessments require an 80% score for passing.   If you do not pass an assessment, you are required to pay the full fee and submit a new request to retake the assessment.

CODE EDITIONS:  We strongly recommend that you purchase and use NFPA handbooks when available.  The NFPA handbooks contain all the respective code information, in addition to a lot of other useful study information not found in the individual code books.   NFPA standards / codes can be purchased at  International Codes can be purchased at  ICC handbooks DO NOT contain the code, only commentary.  Make sure to purchase the actual ICC code (IBC/IFC)See specific exam info below and study guides for code editions.

TEST FORMAT:  All assessments are computer based.  Unless indicated otherwise, all of our assessments are open book.  All tests will require that you have the appropriate books, and require that you refer to information such as tables, charts, etc. You are allowed to highlight and tab pages in the book before the assessment. If you use tabs, they must be permanent and not removable.  Any marking in a book during an exam may disqualify you from that and any future CSA assessments.  Assessments are audio and video recorded with proctors monitoring participants locally and in some cases remotely.   Assessments are timed with the intent that participants will not be able to look up every question.  Participants must be experienced with the material and documents so that when necessary, information can be quickly found within the books.  All material taken into the exam must be bound (no loose papers).  All assessments are in English.  Participants should be comfortable with using a mouse to maneuver around computer screens.   If a participant requires any special accommodations such as those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please notify CSA at least three weeks in advance of your assessment so that proper arrangements can be made.  Do not take cell phones, pagers, radios, etc. into the test center.  Drivers license and confirmation with your user name and password is required at the testing center.  Do NOT change your password / PIN in any system.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BOOK TABS: CSA allows candidates to tab their pages in books when preparing for exams.  You are required to use permanent tabs.  Removable/Repositionable tabs such as Post-It notes will no longer be allowed.  Permanent tabs can be purchased at office supply stores such as Office Depot, Office Max, or Staples.  Examples include Redi-Tag Permanent Index Tabs.  Even if you have previously tested with repositionable tabs, ensure that permanent tabs are used  before taking any exams at a PSI testing center.  We understand that some of the stores may not stock the Redi-Tag which is the best choice.  You may want to order on-line from office supply store and have them within a few days.  Make sure they are not "Relocatable".  Link to Office Depot Redi-Tag.  Link to Office Max Redi-Tag.  Here is an information sheet on the Redi-Tag and another bulkier tab that we evaluated.

Click on colored underlined links to access the indicated document in pdf format.


NFPA 10 = 2010 or 2013 edition.  NFPA 96 = 2011 or 2017 edition.  NFPA 17A = 2009 or 2017 edition.   Handbooks recommended when available.   If taking a new exam or renewing, we recommend using the latest edition indicated above (in bold).

FEX=Fire Extinguisher Service Technicians

CKH2=Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation and Service

KHFE2=Combination test including FEX and CKH2


The KHFE2 is a combination test that incorporates both Commercial Kitchen Hood and Fire Extinguisher assessments in one 2-hour sitting.  This exam is $200 rather than the $270 if taken individually.  A 25% savings.  However, you must pass the entire test with 80% score.  You cannot retake just a portion. 

FEX, CKH2, and KHFE2 Study Guide: This is a pdf document that contains some sample questions for the FEX, CKH2, and KHFE2 assessments.  The questions are intended to give you an idea of what questions will be like. This document also provides study tips, number of questions, time allowed, etc. 

CSA Kitchen Hood Design Manual - This manual is required for those taking our kitchen hood assessments.    The Commercial Hood Install and Service test also includes questions from NFPA 17A and NFPA 96.



NFPA 72 = 2013 or 2016 edition.  Any edition of NFPA 70 between 2008 and 2014 will work.   Questions related to NFPA 72 have been evaluated and adapted to work with both the 2013 or the 2016 editions.  So either edition of NFPA 72 can be used for the current FA exams.  2012/2015 IBC for FA4.  The FA4 requires the IBC as there are questions related to access controlled, delayed egress, etc. from Chapter 10 which is not in the IFC.

FA2=Fire Alarm Competent On-Site Person

FA4=Fire Alarm Business Certificate Holder


Important Note:  We strongly recommend using NFPA Handbook editions of a code (when available) when studying for exams.  NFPA handbooks include all code material and additional commentary, figures, and pictures to help explain critical concepts.  NOTE:  The IBC and IFC handbooks do not contain all code material so make sure you have the actual code.

FA2 and FA4 Study Manual: This is a pdf document that contains some sample questions for the FA2 and FA4 assessment.

We strongly recommend using NFPA 72 Handbook for study and assessments.

For those that do not understand voltage drop, this report may help to explain the importance, concepts, and differences in calculation methods.  It also discusses how to deal with Class A vs. Class B circuits and voltage drop.  V=IR Report



Study Guide for all Sprinkler Assessments:   Updated 2/17/2017. This document contains sample questions.  It also provides information on number of questions, time allowed, books required for the exams, and code editions.

Supplemental Sprinkler Exam Material:  Required for all sprinkler assessments.

For best printing of supplemental documents that contain different size pages (by others): save pdf to your computer; open in Adobe Acrobat; In the print dialog box verify that "Page Scaling" is set to "Fit to Printable Area"; and UNCHECK the box "Choose paper source by pdf page size".

Additional handout on Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) by OSHA.  There is some LOTO info in the supplemental booklet above.  If you do not have a good understanding of LOTO then you should review this material.

ASCR2 = Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial & Residential

ASC2 = Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial

ASR2 = Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Residential

ASCR4 = Sprinkler Business Certificate Holder

ASD2 = Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Domestic


Contractors testing for Colorado should view links at bottom of this page for jurisdiction specific information.

ASD2 for Automatic Sprinkler Domestic has been developed specifically for contractors such as plumbers who are installing one and two family sprinkler systems in accordance with NFPA 13D and includes combination sprinkler / domestic systems.

We strongly recommend using NFPA handbooks for study and assessments, such as those for NFPA 13, NFPA 13D/R, and NFPA 25.

Recommended study / book for learning calculations is "Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis" by Pat Brock, latest edition. Available New.  Used copies are also available online.  First edition through third edition are all great resources. (Do not confuse with "Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply - not same book)


NFPA 24 = 2013 edition  (as of June 2017 the questions are valid for 2010 edition, but we are in process of updating with new questions)

UFM2=Private Fire Service Mains (Underground)

UFM4=Private Fire Service Mains Business Certificate Holder

UFM2 and UFM4 Study Guide: This includes study questions for the UFM2 and UFM4 exams.


Supplemental OSHA Trench and Excavation Safety.  This pdf document is being phased in and will be required for exams starting August 1, 2017.

For best printing of supplemental documents that contain different size pages (by others): save pdf to your computer; open in Adobe Acrobat; In the print dialog box verify that "Page Scaling" is set to "Fit to Printable Area"; and UNCHECK the box "Choose paper source by pdf page size".



CTFH2=Confidence Testing - Fire Hydrants Technician

Primarily developed for Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, others may adopt this assessment.  This test has been developed for contractors who conduct fire flow tests on hydrants, and provide service / inspection / testing of fire hydrants.  This test by itself is not intended for new installations of underground systems.  Make sure to obtain handouts below.

CTFH2 Exam Material:  CSA CTFH2 Material and Kennedy K81 O&M and Colorado Springs Fire Department Guide.  All three of these documents are required in addition to NFPA 25 Handbook and NFPA 24.  Print, bind, and take the above pdf documents along with the NFPA 25 Handbook and NFPA 24 with you to the assessment.



Screen shots and overview of CSA testing screens and participant dashboard.  Please review this material and share it with the individuals taking the test.  It may help them pass the test.  (Screen views have changed slightly, but concepts are similar.)

To access a participants Dash Board and view information about past assessments, click here.  From your Dash Board you can also see which tests you are currently scheduled for, how much time will be on the test, and how many questions will be on the test.  Please allow 2-3 days for this information to be updated after you have requested a new test.  Do NOT change your password / PIN.

Reschedule / Cancel an exam:  If you need to cancel or re-schedule an exam already scheduled, use this link.  Changes to an existing schedule should be made three days before an exam.  Log in using your CA username and PIN/Password that you used to schedule the exam.  If you are within the three days, we suggest you try it and see if the system will let you reschedule.   Up to three days before appointment you can cancel your current appointment and reschedule at a later time as long as it is within your 60 day window of initial request.  Cancelling will only hold your payment within the 60 day window, refunds will not be issued.  There are no refunds and no substitutions.

NEW CODE EDITIONS - We are updating new tests with questions from new code editions.   We realize that some jurisdictions take several years to adopt new codes.  However, many adopt new codes within months of issue.  We try to accommodate both conditions.  Most of our test questions will be based on criteria from the last 3 code cycles.  However, during each cycle we will incorporate new questions based on critical new concepts from new codes.  Criteria no longer in a code will be removed from the test.  When a new concept or change is introduced the question will often start off with a statement such as: "Effective with the 2016 Edition ..."  This is your clue that the criteria is different than previous editions.  

RENEWAL:  CSA assessments require a three year renewal.  To renew, participants are required to retake the respective test at the current fee.  This avoids having to keep track of professional development hours and other training records while ensuring that participants stay current with code changes. 

If you want to check available PSI testing dates before making payment.  From this link, select organization as Certification/Professional Association.  Then select Compliance Services and Assessments. You can then select your assessment title and testing location.  Make sure to select the appropriate date range.  Some centers first available date may be 3 or 4 weeks out.  Schedule early.


Information on Colorado Division of Fire Safety Requirements

Information on Pikes Peak Regional Building Department Licensing

Find PSI testing locations before requesting assessment.

You will need free Adobe Acrobat to view pdf documents on this site.




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